Opening of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition: Guangdong showcases the advantages of a complete industrial chain, and segmented applications usher in a shining moment
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From June 9th to 12th, the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was held in Guangzhou. This year's lighting exhibition features the theme of "Light+Future" and has attracted 3318 companies to participate. In addition to gathering lighting industry chain enterprises, the technology exhibition also extends to fields such as AIoT technology, platform technology, sensing technology, and new energy lighting.

"One of the highlights of this exhibition is that in addition to introducing some new products in the field of traditional light sources and lighting, exhibitors are also actively exploring new application fields, such as intelligent lighting, cultural tourism lighting, educational lighting and plant lighting. These new application fields have great development potential in the future." Li Qingxin, executive director and board member of Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., told Yangcheng Evening News.

The lighting exhibition is a mirror that reflects the supply and demand changes and development trends of the lighting industry. The reporter found on site that with the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry and the development of intelligent lighting towards the home field, many established lighting companies have taken creative design and technological innovation as their wings, deeply empowering outdoor, supermarket, home and other scenes.

As a leading lighting enterprise, Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. focuses on smart homes and continuously expands into other intelligent application fields such as smart street lights and smart hotels. The smart road system we exhibit utilizes the Internet of Things and self built cloud platform technology, paired with smart light poles, which can monitor the working status and traffic operation of each street light on the road in real-time, achieving automatic inspection, centralized control, and unified management

In the field of smart home, Foshan Lighting has launched a "fast intelligent" solution based on Bluetooth IoT control technology. Chen Zhibin said: "Fast intelligence" means that users can directly realize intelligent control of lights by scanning the QR code to enter the applet without feeling. Compared with the whole house intelligent solution, Foshan Lighting Zhixing Intelligent Home Solution has a simpler and more convenient configuration method, lower landing complexity, and can achieve intelligent coverage of the entire home scene without changing the line

Since the beginning of this year, the cultural and tourism industry has accelerated its recovery, and new demands have been put forward for new types of light and shadow art products such as immersive night tours, light and shadow reshaping of cultural scenes, digital cultural and tourism, and large-scale light and shadow shows. Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd. has captured this market change and accelerated its layout in the field of outdoor landscape lighting.

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